Quintetto - Be Festival 2016

Will Amott,, 25 giugno 2016

Quintetto - Be Festival 2016


ph Alex Brenner

Quintetto‘s praises will surely be sung by everyone who had the pleasure and the privilege to see it last night. To deny its quality would be surprising, but to deny its unconventionality and very feeling of freshness would be to lie. Marco Chenevier is a smart comic performer and accomplished dancer. The stage suits him. He appears effortless in what looks to be an immensely tricky show to have devised, and to carry off. The numerous members of the audience directly involved in the performance, which is made to look like it relies on them, but really relies on his talent and quick thinking, makes it feel like we have all indirectly been allowed to share in the success of something very special. The point Chenevier makes is serious – that funding to the arts and sciences is constantly and increasingly at risk – but he manages to make it in the most joyful way.
A total success. Regardless of whatever is going on politically, what position Birmingham and the rest of the United
Kingdom find themselves in in relation to Europe, the Birmingham European Festival must return next year.


★★★★★ Will Amott 26th June 2016